UPDATED: a few hours ago

undisclosed location
 $32 per month
 about 3 days
 "Good speed & Fair Bandwidth Cap"
 "Throttling, unstable."
 "Excellent ISP, best in Canada."

Great ISP, never knew about them up until about a month ago. Found them here, on DSLreports, and I'm glad I did. Haven't recieved any downtime yet, and I hope it stays that way. No contracts at all, and the price is worth the value considering the speed and overall service.

Got my modem/router from Canada Computers (2Wire) and have no problems at all. Also got my DSL phone filters from CC as it was cheaper there, and no problems with those either.

In comparison to Cogeco, TekSavvy is much better for me. Cogeco afcourse had fast download speeds, double of TekSavvy's, but the cap is what bothered me. 60GB a month was okay, but with TekSavvy, I get unlimited, which is much better. TekSavvy is also cheaper than Cogeco, much cheaper. Cogeco was a good ISP, but TekSavvy is better.

Overall, with my experience with TekSavvy... they are the best!

So ive been wih TekSavvy for a year or so now, and the speeds are still great. A 200GB cap is imposed, but that is still enough. They offer a Unlimited package, but for $10 more. Other companies offer unlimited for 29.95, so hopefully TekSavvy will maybe lower the price to 34$ or so, anything better than 39. But still, overall it is good, Im just hoping for a speed increase soon (maybe to 7mbps or 10mbps!) since thats the only thing that needs a change (and maybe expand the 200GB cap to 300GB or something :p)

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