Happy I Cancelled Rogers Internet and Bell Internet

North York,ON
$29 per month
"Tech Support is great, No Downtime"
"None Yet"
"Great ISP at a Great Price"


Great ISP. Great Price. Great Tech Support (live person from Canada)

Please think or consider your service with; Rogers Internet, Bell Sympatico - live knowaledgeable and friendly support ? NOT .... 1-800, #1 english, #2 support, #8 homeservice, #19 get a live body, #999 not a recording.

With my current service internet service I am happy. Direct person, that resolves your issues in minutes. !!!! No I do not work for the company. Just a happy MoFo .... I am not dealing with substandard service from Rogers Internet, Bell Sympatico !!! the monopoly .

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