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This site is impartial, it exist to help consumers make a calculated decision when shopping for Internet service. The comments within are supplied/provided by users or potential customers of the Internet service provider Teksavvy.

The site welcomes all articulate and valid view points.

We hope we can help with your decision and evaluation process in searching for the BEST (local) internet provider.

SignUp - Teksavvy Internet Service
Delay processing time (may be a week or less)
keep existing service rentals until live
-- results (no internet down time)
you will lose your email address at the provider (ie. Rogers, BELL Sympatico)
yourname@sympatico.ca, yourname@rogers.com
Start notifying others. suggestion get and use Free Webmail (Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail)
Search for steps to "transfers/save sxisting emails using outlook or thunderbird"

Hardware Needed;

DSL/ADSL Modem (if do not own hardware) - a phone line modem. not cable modem.
Buy (one time fee) Hardware from teksavvy (own)
Phone Filters $4.99/each (keep your existing from Bell and store under a pillow)
or ie. Buy Modem from; Futureshop , BestBuy, Sale (Cheaper and suggested)
Few examples of BrandNames "DSL/ADSL Modems"; SpeedStream, Linksys, D-Link,
Router (optional-internet security to consider)
ie. Buy from; Futureshop,BestBuy, Sale (Cheaper and suggested)
A few examples of BrandNames for Routers; Linksys, D-Link,

Results; For the actions above, It has been mentioned below by many; supreme Service, 1-800 number to a live body 24/7, Professional articulate "Made In Canada" Support, Huge Monthly $$$ Saving for what is considered by many a better internet service than BELL Sympatico or ROGERS cable internet.

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