Compare Internet Providers in Canada - Teksavvy Bell Rogers First Year Pricing

Canadian Internet Providers Comparison
3 Providers - Teksavy, Bell, Rogers for first year pricing


The comparison might look like;
(ISP service charges are different in Quebec or other proviences)
Taxes excluded or may vary

First year with Internet Service Provider(ISP)

First year Teksavvy

5Mbps (200gig limit) plan
$384.40 -(($29.95) x12)+$25 modem purchase (may have to add $10 shipping for modem)

First year Bell

7Mbps (60+30 gig limit) plan
$689.45 -($49.95x12 + $10.00x12)+$20 activation-$49.95 first month free no contract, included $2 modem rental.

First year Rogers

7Mbps (60gig limit) plan
$575.40 - ($47.95x12) $3 modem rental included.

Price if you downloaded 300 gigs for 3 months out of 12, 60GB the other months

Teksavy $384.40
Bell $634.45-((210gig x3) x $1.50) no charge limit)+$689.45
Rogers $650.40 -($25max x3)+575.40

I did factor bell and rogers bandwidth limits. Bell has no limit as of june, rogers has a $25 max charge as of june. Teksavy has .25 per gig over 200gig.  The average user may NOT ever hit limits

For 300GB, TekSavvy charges $10 per 100GB if you do it every month, but your comparison is if you do it only 3 out of 12 months. Since they average things out over 2-month periods, if you consider you didn't take into account overages for the other 9 months, there would be no overage charges (60+300 is an average of 180, under the 200GB cap)

To clarify Bell has no MAX CHARGE as of June. Saying they have no limit sounds like they have no cap. They still have a 30GB cap (in Quebec, I think it's 60 in Ontario), but they just don't have a max on how much you can charge them. You should also add Bell's $10 "insurance" that increases the cap by 30GB to bring it closer to TekSavvy's cap (apples to apples).

I could take modems out of the equation, again, not very realistic. If i misread teksavy's web site the cheapest modem is $99, They do not offer a rental(other then rent to own around the same price). I find this an important factor. My effort was to take what average teksavy customer pays in the first year.

TekSavvy doesn't make you buy the modem from them. Many customers purchase a $25 2wire or a $50 516 from various stores.

2 year span instead of just the first year
Taxes excluded or may vary

Consider a 2year span instead of just the first year, because of special promotions and what not bell/rogers
may look cheaper first year around but might not add up after the 2nd year.

Just to keep it simple we will stick with the basic prices.
(Yes i know you can buy a modem cheaper, but for now lets just stick with the modem cost listed on the ISP Sites)

TSI(TekSavvy Solutions Inc) 200GB 5Mbps
1st Year: $610.15 -(($29.95+10.98 D band rate) x12)+$99 modem purchase+$19.99 activation
2nd Year: $491.16 -(($29.95+10.98 D band rate) x12)

Total: $1101.31

Just for the fun of it lets say the user/customer is on a wet line(have a phone line) just so we can see the real difference.

Two years Teksavvy
TSI 200GB 5Mbps plan
1st Year: $478.39 -($29.95x12)+$99 modem purchase+$19.99 activation
2nd Year: $359.40 -($29.95x12)

Total: $837.79

Two years Bell
Bell 60GB 7Mbps plan
1st Year: $569.45 -($49.95x12)+$20 activation-1month free no contract
2nd Year: $599.40 -($49.95x12)

Total: $1168.85

Two years Rogers
Rogers 60GB 7Mbps plan
1st Year: $580.35 -($47.95x12)+$4.95 activation
2nd Year: $575.40 -($47.95x12)

Total: $1155.75


Those of you who choose to go the route of TSI Dry Loop(without Phone line) the savings may not be as apparent for those on a wet line(have a phoneline) because of the initial modem cost. After the second year however a TSI Dry loop customer would see ~$60 savings. If you where to stay with TSI for a 3rd/4th year those savings of course would just continue to rise.

If you wanted to make it a more even comparison you could add in overage fees to Bell/Rogers until they were closer to the 200GB limit. Then of course the difference would be more the obvious.


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  1. Anonymous2/01/2013

    Very upset at Both Rogers and Teksavvy!!! Anything associated with Rogers is automatically craped by it ... This is what I don't like about Canada, it's the big giant monopoly companies like Rogers


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