Service Packages

Residential DSL Services

The Linksys WRT54GL is sold as is with a 10 days warranty from the shipping date. This warranty is limited to 10 days because a third party firmware (Tomato/MLPPP) has been installed; therefore voiding any original manufacturer warranty. All routers are preconfigured and tested to insure that they are fully functional prior to shipping.
The price of the Linksys WRT54GL is a special offer while quantities last. This router can only be purchased by current TekSavvy clients with one of our High Speed Internet services (High Speed DSL or Dry-Loop DSL) or purchased by new TekSavvy clients signing up for one of our High Speed Internet services. One router per client only.

This service is intended as a two-tiered option where you can go DSL Unlimited or Premium. The only difference between the Unlimited and Premium service is that the Premium service has a 200GB/mo. Cap. Call for further details!
  • No Activation fees!
  • Includes 3 E-Mail Addresses
  • 5M Personal Web Space
  • Static IP for only $4/mo.
  • Subnets
    • /30 2 IPS (/30 subnets) $5/mo.
    • /29 6 IPS (/29 subnets) $10/mo.
    • /28 14 IPS (/28 subnets) $20/mo.
  • Filters $4.99/each
  • Modem Purchase
    1. Speedtouch 516
      • Purchase for $75
      • Rent to Own ($25 + $10/mo. for 6 mo.)
    2. SpeedTouch 546
      (4 ports)
      • Purchase for $99
    3. SpeedTouch 585
      (Modem/4 ports/Wireless)
      • Purchase for $130
  • Other Charges
    • Additional Bandwidth - $0.25/GB/mo.
    • Pre-Purchased Blocks - $10/100GB/mo.
    • $25 - Moving during the first month of the activation date
    • $25 - For any speed change after activation(ex: from 5 Meg to Basic, ...)

Dry DSL Internet Services 
This service is for residential locations with no active phone lines (no telephone number), if you have an active telephone line and would like to keep your telephone number, order one of our regular DSL Services, or else you will have to have your telephone disconnected before we can activate Dry Copper High Speed at your location.

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