Why I Cancelled with Rogers and Sympatico

30$ per month
about 5 days
"Friendly, incredibly helpful, and extremely knowledgeable staff."
"By far the best ISP I've ever dealt with for both business and home service."

I've been using a 6 mb line at home for about 3 years now (less than $40 month for Dry DSL) and 2 years at work where we have 4 lines with static IPs in place for $75 per line- less than the cost of a single 3 mb line with our old provider. Unbelievable value. I'm using Speedtouch 516's in on all lines.

They let you use the lines however you see fit with whatever geeky services you want to run, such as running a web server over the line. We've never had unscheduled downtime at my workplace, unlike our previous 'big league' ISP where we were down about 1 day per quarter. Same goes for my home service.

I've personally used Rogers and Sympatico for my home service, and dealt with several other ISPs for business use, and I had issues with all of them involving the quality of their service and tech support. None of them hold a candle to TekSavvy. I can't recommend this company enough!


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  1. Anonymous3/28/2010

    I have to say TS is by far the best of the best. When I first subscribed I had a problem with the house pair in my building, TS had he problem fixed as promised, with a Bell teck showing up on time and as scheduled. I get 10mb, through-put however I am across the street from a Bell C/O. And their support is the best ever. I have been with, Rogers, Bell, Telus and even LOOK. TS is worth the money.



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