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 $32 per month
 "Low cost, high quality, great technicians, great people"
 "None that I've yet found"
 "I'm a very happy customer since 2004"

Update 20100601: TekSavvy has recently been extra helpful and reminded me why they're my favourite vendor of any service.

Update 2007/02/25: This website reminded me to update my review and, well, nothing has changed - they still get my full 5 ranking across the board.

I searched around for some time, trying out various $30/month DSL vendors. Most were idiots, incompetents or liars ("we disconnect you once per day for your own security" was one shovel-full I got).

Then in early 2004 (IIRC) I found TekSavvy and boy oh boy, is it ever nice to find a vendor who has competent, happy employees and gives you what you pay for.

As a side note, once-in-a-blue moon when they they do scheduled maintenance or upgrades that will impact their customer's service they actually email we customers in advance to notify us. Kinda makes you feel like you are important!

They don't force you into any kind of contract either (this website doesn't seem to have an option to say 'never any contract required'). If you stay with them it's because you like their service, not because you have your neck in the noose of a contract.

One last thing: when you call the office or tech support they have actual Canada-based (no outsourcing) human beings that answer the phone right away.

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