Teksavvy 2013 Review

Review for 2013 of Teksavvy

Okay many years ago when this company was new  I was very pleased with TEKSAVVY.com, however many years have passed and a recently receiving the comments listed below and felt the comments summarize many viewers and readers response/comments.

So after 8 years of DSL service from Teksavvy and now 2 years with Cable Internet from Teksavvy my feelings and 'YOU' the readers comments are as follow;
Quality:   Teksavvy is a leach to ROGER internet and Bell Internet with "NO" distinction in quality, Teksavvy is simply a reseller to the service from other ISP (internet providers Bell/Rogers)
Support:   With the support they now offer,  TEKSAVVY is a Cancer.  Extremely long delay when dialing into support "every time".
The repeated message "we are receiving high call volumes ever day for the last 4 years".  Wake up owner of TEKSAVVY, wake up Rocky !!!!

Why am I using teksavvy ?

Received Comment:
I am new to Teksavvy and I have to say I am not really impressed. The only great thing about this company is the price of internet. What I found to be annoying is it took over 2 weeks to get it installed and i have already experienced 2 outages since getting it 3 weeks ago. Calling customer service is a nightmare (I waited an hour to get through to someone and they couldn't help me). Even though I HATE Rogers with a passion I am honestly considering switching over after only a month because even though they are rude at least someone picks up the phone when I do call and you dont experience as many outages that last 2-3 days.

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