Bell Sympatico and Switched Internet Providers

$60 per month
about 9 days
Bell Canada
"Great Speed so far, Great Value, Friendly Support, Etc"
"A few initial setup delays"
"I just had my line set up not too long ago and its good so far!"

The initial process of Teksavvy seemed pretty easy. We set it up on a certain date and expected it at a certain date. That wasn't the complete case.

Due to no fault to Teksavvy though, I had to get lines installed by Bell and it was delayed a few times as from Bell's end it seemed to work fine. Once the tech came out here and noticed the problem he said he would have the right things installed within 20-60 minutes, and he did.

The tech support at Teksavvy is great. The reviews on this site are proof of that. The support staff are friendly and even crack the occasional joke here and there.

The speed on our line is solid and so far, no hiccups at all. We were starting to get annoyed about the set up time but that couldn't have been helped, no matter who we had to go with.

We used our own Modem (TP-Link TD-W8920G) and it provides a quick setup option which we just went through pretty easily (with our username and password entered) and it just worked.

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